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Concrete NDT & Civil Engineering

Geophysical works during construction:

  • Quality control of manufacturing of driven, drilled, needle piles, soil-cement piles and piles manufactured by discharge impulse technique
  • Quality control of manufacturing of frame fillings of ditches (slurry-wall, impervious screens, diaphragms, etc.)
  • Quality control of artificial grouting
  • Quality control of manufacturing of foundation plates
  • Monitoring of changes of hydrogeological conditions and nature of boil processes near to ditches and constructional excavation
  • Manufacturing quality control of road carpets
  • Exploration of trenchless pipe- and cable-laying (horizontal directional drilling, micro-tunneling, piercing, etc.)



Geophysical works during operation of facilities:

  • Study of probable causes of facility deformations
  • Search of leakages in water facilities
  • Study of negative industrial processes


Environmental surveys:

  • Location of soil massif areas polluted by petroleum products
  • Determination of thickness of industrial deposits in reservoirs
  • Determination of industrial flooding nature of facilities


Geophysical works at the stage of engineering geological surveys for a new development together with engineering geological drilling and methods of field soil tests:

  • Adjustment of engineering geological and hydrogeological conditions of a construction site
  • Evaluation of physical and mechanical properties of in-situ soils
  • Evaluation of soil corrosion activity and impact of wandering currents on steel structures
  • Study of negative natural and industrial processes and phenomena (karst and boil, landslides, erosion, flooding, etc.)
  • Study of influence of industrial dynamic impact on stability of soil massifs
  • Adjustment of location and condition of utility lines
  • Microzonation


Monitoring of buildings subjected to influence of future construction:

  • Condition survey of soil basis, foundations and structural units of buildings subjected to influence of construction
  • Condition survey of underground constructions (tunnels, collectors, reservoirs, etc.)
  • Condition survey of road carpets and airport pavements
  • Evaluation of dynamic impact on land and underground utility lines during consruction works (hammering, vibration, etc.)
  • Evaluation of industrial impact of development on geological invironment and activation of negative geological processes fnd phenomena, formation of induced physical field (vibratory, temperature and electromagnetic fields)




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