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  • IDS-1 Pile Testing Device

    This instrument " IDS-1" can determine the length of reinforced concrete and metal piles up to sixty meters in length. Engineers can also use "IDS -1" for surveying a structures' foundation and examining concrete hydraulic structures, as well as inspecting tunnels, sewers and underground storage tanks.

  • Multichannel seismograph Lakolit-MT

    Multichannel seismograph Lakolit-MT is designed primarily for engineering applications and micro-zoning. One of the key advantages of Lakolit-MT is its modular concept, which provides the user with a flexible multi-channel seismic acquisition system. In this system, several telemetry units can be linked with the synchronization unit that controls the seismic system. Each telemetry unit includes a six-channel registration unit and a six-channel seismic cable with geophones.

  • LAKKOLIT X-M4 Digital Multichannel Seismic Station

    The Lakkolit‐X‐M4 is a digital multichannel engineering seismograph, designed for engineering geological and micro‐zonation surveys by refracted wave, seismic refraction and vertical seismic profiling methods.

  • DELTA-03 Digital Seismic Signal Recorder

    The Delta Seismic Recorder is designed to detect seismic signals from external (natural and artificial) seismic vibrations. It is a permanent seismic station with the possibility of data logging to a removable high‐capacity flash disk, and data transmission to a PC for real‐time analysis and recording.

  • Three-component seismometer SPV-3K

    Three-component seismometer SPV-3K is designed to convert velocities acting along measurement axes of seismometer into proportional electrical signals. The seismometer is intended for work with seismic recording system Delta-03 or any other recording system.

  • Hardware-software system for impact assessment of vibrational loads on a building and its soil foundation.

    Hardware-software system for impact assessment of vibrational loads on a building and its soil foundation. This system includes the seismic signal recorder Delta-03 and the software Vibro.

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