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Electrical Exploration Instruments

  • Resistivity System OMEGA-48

    OMEGA-48 is a multichannel Resistivity system designed for vertical electrical sounding (VES) and induced polarization (IP) methods on electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) technology.

  • ERA-MAX Electrical Exploration System

    ERA-MAX equipment is designed for electrical prospecting on any surface

  • ERP-1 Digital Electrical Exploration System

    Portable digital electrical exploration system ERP-1 is designed for geophysical survey performed by the DC and AC resistivity methods

  • SKILL Pro

    Multinode resistivity meter for 2D and 3D resistivity tomography. Transmitter, receiver and 48-nodes switch in one heavy duty case.

  • Electrical Exploration Transmitter ASTRA-100

    Electrical exploration transmitter ASTRA-100 is designed for producting an electromagnetic field during geophysical survey using the DC current, induced polarization, frequency sounding (including impedance one) methods, etc.

  • Electrical Exploration Transmitter VP-1000

    Under the load, the transmitter produces bipolar rectangular current pulses and is capable of operating in two modes: RPI-1 rectangular current pulses without intervals (AC mode); RPI-2 rectangular current pulses with intervals, having the same duration as the pulses

  • Multifunctional Electrical Exploration Receiver MERI-24

    The receiver MERI is designed for measuring the parameters of the DC and AC voltages under the field conditions during electrical exploration surveis.

  • 8-Channel Receiver IMVP for Induced Polarization Method

    Multi-channel electrical exploration receiver IMVP is designed for carrying out works by the induced polarization (VP) method in the frequency and/or time domain.

  • Electro prospecting high frequency station "Vega"

    The Electro prospecting high-frequency system Vega is a resistivity instrument which provides high quality data on the electrical properties of soil, using traditional resistivity measurements, but without the possibility of grounding.

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