OKO-2 GPR. Search Kit



  • Luggage examination in order to detect smuggled items;
  •  Detecting hidings;
  • Detecting shelters and people in shelters;
  • Detecting explosives including plastic and frameless ones;
  • Detecting subsurface utilities, armature, hollows and inhomogeneities in walls of buildings and other structures;
  •  Detection of archeological objects etc.


OKO-2 GPR. Search Kit is officially approved by Customs Agency of the Russian Federation



OKO-2 GPR Search Kit brochure



 Central Frequency 
 AB-700М 700 МHz
 AB-1200М 1200 МHz
 Max. Scanning Depth, no less than 
 AB-700М 3.0 m
 AB-1200М 1.0 m
 Precision of Inserts Detections, no less than 0.1 m
 Microprocessor Control Unit with LCD of 640x480 px
 Max. Scanning Speed, no less than 3 mps
 Weight (with AB-700M) 4.5 kg
 Temperatures Range -20°C… +50°C                   
 Work Time (without battery recharging), no less than                 8 hours