Multichannel GPR OKO-2 (for railway inspection)


The multichannel GPR is designed for ballast examination


  • high speed multi-channel control unit
  • number of channels: up to six (up to 6 profiles simultaneously)
  • antennas frequency: from 150MHz up to 2000MHz
  • maximum survey speed: up to 120 km/h
  • detection depth: up to 8m
  • creating 3D model of ballast
  • GPS integration
  • Automatic data processing


  • Determination of the railway embankment width and structure content
  • Allocation of subsidence in the ballast and natural bed layers
  • Determination of the natural bed
  • Mapping underground pipelines crossing railway embankment
  • Control of conformation of railway embankment structure to the project documentation




The GeoScan32 software consists of several modules. It can control the three (six)-channel GPR, stores data, processes the GPR results. The processing results can be showed at radarogrammas reflecting the layered structure of the ballast. It is possible to convert the results of survey to AutoCad for processing. The results can be presented in graphs and tables and show the thickness of structural layers of ballast, the depth of the layer boundaries.

"Analysis" software was developed for automatic processing of multi-channel GPR data. It can process GPR data automatically. The module "Analysis" allows viewing two or three dimensions image of ballast at any point in the survey (after the detection of structural layers).