Since 1989 in engineering geophysics
Manufacturing of geophysical equipment
Geophysical surveys
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+7 (495) 641-2-641
Инженерно-геофизические изыскания
Измеритель длины свай
Глубинный металлоискатель МГ-1
Георадар ОКО-2
Георадар ОКО-3
Портативный стеновизор РО-900
Бетоноскоп СК-1700 3D


About company

GEOTECH is the Russian leader in engineering geophysical investigations (seismic prospecting, electrical exploration, GPR survey). GEOTECH develops and

performs not only integrated geophysical surveys for national economy, but also promotes Russian geophysical equipment such as Ground Penetrating Radars (GPR), seismographs and instruments for electrical prospecting.

From the day of its foundation GEOTECH has been constantly increasing its activity both in engineering geophysical surveys and promotion of advanced geophysical equipment to various fields of industry to improve the quality and effectiveness of geophysical surveys for design projects in civil engineering, in

highway and railway inspection, in runway examination, for projects in the oil and gas field, for assistance in the Customs services, for archeological purposes, etc.

Our success consists in the integration of great experience of GEOTECH in geophysical surveys, the use of high-tech geophysical equipment and working partnership with the leading Russian universities.

Thanks to our activity about 85% of the GPR in Russia is the OKO-2 GPR. The LAKKOLIT X-M3 Digital Multi-channel Stations, the IDS-1 Pile Testing Devices, the DELTA-03 seismic signal recorders have been functioning in the leading Russian companies successfully for over 15 years.

In recent yeas the significance of geophysical surveys in various sectors of economy has been steadily growing. To date the devices and services of GEOTECH are widely popular in railways, runways, roadways, oil and gas industry, construction work and many other sectors.

GEOTECH is a widely recognized as a leader in the Russian geophysical service and holds to the concept of hi-tech development combined with the best Russian tradition of engineering geology and geophysics.

Our clients

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

Federal Security Service
of Russia

Federal Customs Service
of Russia





Russian Railways

Russian Investigative Committee

Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

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